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Just a note on 60th anniversary VP Day stuff you may like to use
Australia's War 1939-1945
and the complete package of Operation CLICK - lesson plans and downloadable worksheets

On the Australia's War website, we use the Public Service Google agreement (Results pages without ads) as the search tool.

A few Google search tips that will improve students’ search success -

If they are searching for a phrase, recommend that
they put inverted commas around it, eg "rats of tobruk"
to find the whole phrase.

Using the tilde character (~) in front of any search word
will get all its synonyms as well. For example:
  “~sub” will return results for submarine as well
  “~attack” will get attacked, attacking, attacks, etc
  “~prisoner” will get prison, prisoners, but not POW

BUT – if you type “~pow” you do get POW, prisoners of
war, and others.

If students click on cached, they will see their search
word highlighted on the page.

(Try “tobruk” for example and click on cached on the
first result.)

At the foot of each results page there is a link Search
within results. This is an effective way to further refine
the search if there are too many results.

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