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My point exactly - a multiliterate approach is surely the best.




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Thanks peter- a very interesting article, no doubt.


Sadly, not all kids have the capacity to remember every word they read, and
there may not always be someone on hand to tell them what an unknown word

Obviously, a multi faceted approach is the way to go, but many kids need to
learn strategies to fall back on to decipher unknown words. Then, they need
to practice these strategies to feel confident to use them. Phonics is only
one of these strategies, but one they should know.

Sounding out is often the first method struggling readers will try. They
must know how to do this to be able to gain some success, and to be able to
utilise other strategies when this doesn't work.

Working with beginning readers for more years than I'd like to admit
(whether they be 3 or 13), explicit phonics teaching should be ONE part of
learning to read

Linda Martin

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Very interesting article, thank you. 

Currently studying to become a high school teacher, so often miss stories
that relate well to the early years. However as a mother of a grade one
student - this sure does ring true.

Thansk again Jo And


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>Chris Smith wrote:
>>Who teaches reading without teaching phonics??? It's just that 
>>today "withit" teachers understand that there is a lot more to 
>>teaching reading than just phonics.
>This was a point that was made well by Mem Fox in yesterday's Sydney 
>Morning Herald.
>You can see the article at http://tinyurl.com/bmwf2 or 
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