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Have not read the article yet, but agree with the sentiments in your email - and it should not only be realted to promotion, but many systems have a performance appraisal process of some sort in place and that would place the onus clearly on each school context to ensure their staff used the tools.  It is like saying I can't read or can't use a book would have been a couple of hundred years ago.

We employed a wonderful teacher a couple of years ago who admitted he could not use computers - he can now. It was a condition of his new employment. In fact when I can't get a booking for the cow ( I love that acronym!) and he has it booked I curse the day we taught him how.

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Try this article

I have a question.
We have had computers in schools since the 80s. Many people on this list could probably put up their hands and say they have been using computers in an educational context for 20 years.

Why does it still appear legitimate, do you think, for some teachers to continue to blame inadequate training provisions by school systems as the reason why they don't use computer effectively?

What will it take for some teachers to simply admit they have seriously neglected a personal responsibility to grow with the needs of their profession.

Are they seriously trying to claim that at no time in TWENTY years were they offered some opportunity to learn how to use computers in an educatoinal context???

Give me a break. That excuse has worn a little thin after plaintive  repetitions for 20 years, in my view.

I'm fairly keen on the idea of making proof of serious use of educational computing a gateway to any promotion from student teacher up - and they should be serious criteria.

Who would employ someone who couldn't drive as a travelling salesperson?

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