[Oz-teachers] Being provocative

Bryn Jones bj at ictpd.net
Wed Aug 24 13:08:09 EST 2005

>Go on - benchmark yourself aginst your kids.
>You may like to run our Year 10 Computer Skills Test "simulation" 
>with your classes (or teachers).
>Go to http://cst.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au and select a test.

That is interesting and the test works very well. I'd be surprised if 
the broad mass of teachers did better than 50% overall.

I did 20 from the general and got 1 wrong then 20 restricted to email 
and Internet. I got 2 wrong and actually disagree with the suggested 
correct answers. Where do I appeal?

Also many of the questions are very picky but overall they work quite well.

Problems with Multiple choice!



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