[Oz-teachers] FYI - Lecture Series - Integrating Justice

Joanne Abel joannemaree at optusnet.com.au
Fri Feb 4 13:35:08 EST 2005

This is perhaps a little off-topic... However, I am sure that many will be 
interested so I am posting this to the list.  I hope that is acceptable.

The Franciscan Friars and The Sisters of St Joseph are presenting a series 
of public lectures on the subject of Integrating Justice.

The presenters are Helen Prejean CSJ (from the film "Dead Man Walking") and 
Marya Grathwohl OSF (Presenter at Genesis Farm).

The lecture dates are -

Sydney - 22 (evening) & 23 (2 daytime sessions) February

Brisbane - 25 (evening)& 26 (2 daytime sessions) February

Melbourne - 4 (evening) & 5 (2 daytime sessions) March

No session costs more than $50.

I have more details and a registration form in a PDF file that I will 
happily email anyone who contacts me off-list and requests it.

Joanne Abel
Graduate B Ed
who remains unemployed

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