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Peter Macinnis petermacinnis at ozemail.com.au
Wed Sep 14 19:32:15 EST 2005


David Westaway wrote, off-list:
> Hi Peter,
> Just a quick query on Q5.
> 5.  How did Captain Hook lose his hand?
> 	(A) He lost it in a fight
> 	(B) Peter Pan cut it off
> 	(C) He lost it in a shipwreck
> 	(D) A crocodile ate it
> 5.   D
> A case could be made for A & B as well.
> "He wears an iron hook in place of his right hand, which was cut off by
> Peter Pan and eaten by a crocodile; the crocodile liked the taste of him so
> much that it followed him around for the rest of his life, hoping for more."
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Hook
> I know Wikipedia is not renowned as the most reliable on-line source but it
> rang true with my recollection of the story too.

I relied on my memory, and I am rather inundated, but I had a nasty 
suspicion David was right. So I checked he is VERY right. Here Hook 
tells all, as it appears on Project Gutenberg, by far the fastest way to 
look up things like that -- load the file and search for "crocodile":

   "Peter flung my arm," he said, wincing, "to a crocodile that happened 
to be passing by."

Blast me scuppers, splice me futtock shrouds and other obscenities of a 
pirate-like kind.

Users are advised to ask for question 5

What happened to Captain Hook's hand?
  	(A) It was blown away by an explosion and eaten by a crocodile
  	(B) A crocodile bit it off when Hook was swimming away
  	(C) He lost it to a shark in a shipwreck caused by Peter Pan
  	(D) Peter Pan cut it off in a fight and fed it to a crocodile

Thanks, David.


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