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Alison Miller rmil6566 at bigpond.net.au
Wed Feb 8 16:00:59 EST 2006

how much was/are ozhosts plse Barbara?
alison miller

> Dear Christine
> I use ozehosts http://www.ozehosts.com/ based in Perth to host both the
YARA and e-magination sites
> and I have found them to be very helpful and reliable.
> Last year, somehow I missed receiving my renewal notice, and I was
interstate when my domain names
> were due to expire.  Knowing that the domains were both focused on
children's activities and that
> e-magination was receiving a lot of traffic because the Quizzard of Oz was
in full swing, they
> tracked me down at my husband's ex-wife's home to let me know I had to
renew before midnight so I
> didn't lose it and have kids disappointed.  That's service!
> Hosting is not free - their charges are on their home page - but as you
say what you want to do
> cannot be offered within your ISP allowance so you need to consider that
maybe other free services
> will not give you what you need either.  I looked briefly at GoDaddy and
noted that it is based in
> the US so you would have to add in the exchange rate and so forth.
Personally,  I prefer the little
> local companies because they have the time to give you the service (and I
often called ozehosts in
> the early days), plus being in WA the time difference often worked in my
favour.  Also consider
> whether your use of your site
> qualifies as a tax deduction.
> Barbara
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