[Oz-teachers] Year 6/7 Assembly item ... help!

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My group also had the "honour" of doing the years first assembly item 
last week.  At the start of each year we always have our coordinators 
remind children about basic playground rules:
    * wearing hats
    * no throwing honky nuts
    * correct play areas
    * manners in canteen etc

This year my year 6 group decided to role play those rules for their 
peers, they broke into groups and discussed the "rule" or behaviour 
they had and came up with a 60second role play to present that 
idea.  Simple and from response they got very effective, also very 
little stress on my part!!


At 05:42 AM 16/02/2006, you wrote:
>Don't stress, Michael.  Have you seen an assembly yet to see what others
>Teach the kids a song or poem or get them to show an art activity and
>explain how it was done eg "We made colour wheels mixing primary colours
>of red, blue and yellow to make secondary colours of green, purple and
>orange."  This shows that they have learnt something and passes it on to
>I know that teachers stress over assembly so much, but I am now in a
>small school and each class presents an item each week and it really
>becomes a sharing of what is going on in the classroom.
>Lynelle Connelly
>Melrose Primary School
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>Yesterday I learned that my class is to present an "assembly item" next
>week (Fri. 24th). Has anyone got any ideas? Are there resources on the
>web for assembly items? I had a quick search when planning my term over
>the hols, but couldn't find anything relevant.
>Any help appreciated!
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