[Oz-teachers] Qld Alternative pathways post-comp age students

w.townsend townsend at onthenet.com.au
Sat Feb 25 10:38:56 EST 2006

Can anyone advise me whether students who (1) are post-compulsory age
and (2) in a traineeship and (3) are
achieving the relevant competencies are able to have time off from
school to catch up on schoolwork missed on 
the day that they are in their traineeship workplace?  For example, an
afternoon at home under adult supervision
if necessary, to work on assignments or revision.
I would be interested in any ideas teachers have on how schools are
catering for this growing constituency 
(especially in view of 'earn or learn' in 2007). Most of our trainees
have a line off for supervised study - many of 
them are genuine independent learners and I wonder whether they could
achieve more in their home study, 
with their own computers.  
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