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This may be a stupid suggestion, but have you contacted the Teacher 
Education School's or Department's at the various Universities that 
train future teachers (eg UC in Canberra, Macquarie Uni in Sydney, etc) 
to see whether they might have access to the information you are looking 



Chris Betcher wrote:

> The National Centre for Education Statistics in the US have published 
> a report in 2006 which mentions student engagement results...  Some of 
> the stats it mentions include...
> Only 28% of 12th Grade high school students believe that schoolwork is 
> meaningful.
> Only 21% believe that their courses are interesting
> Only 39% believe that school work will have any bearing on their 
> success later in life
> And so on...
> I was looking to see if any results exist for any similar studies here 
> in Australia but cannot find any.  Searched the ABS website, but 
> without success.
> While I would expect the Aussie figures to be a bit better than the US 
> figures, I'd be interested to know for sure.
> Anyone got any leads to help me find out?
> Chris
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