[Oz-teachers] oz-teachers Digest, Vol 54, Issue 3 Apologies

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Hi Anne
You could always just start a new post rather than click Reply????


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Don't stress Anne, if you could simply leave the "oz-teacher" in, that
would be a big help for those of us who sort by list name. You needn't
leave the Vol and issue number in as most threads only use the topic in
the subject line.
I am interested in this situation as it has now gotten me very confused
- if you were removing the [oz-teacher] from the subject line, I am now
wondering why others are still getting it!!??  I'm getting a headache.
Any ListServ experts out there?

Mirtschin, Anne A wrote:
> Might I apologise for what I think is the error of my replies to this
> list. I subscribe to this list on the request that I receive all
> emails to the list for one day in one great long email, rather than on
> an individual email basis. So, when I reply to any emails, I have
> removed the complete subject line which looked something like this
> RE: oz-teachers Digest, Vol 54, Issue 3
> and replaced it with the individual subject heading of the email I was
> replying to eg "blogging in the primary classroom". I assume that I
> now need to leave the RE: oz-teachers Digest section in but would
> assume that I take out the Digest, Vol 54, Issue 3 part and then
> replace with the email subject headin eg 'blogging in the primary
> classroom" or do I still leave the Vol54, Issue 3 in?
> Would someone please tell me if this now works? and if not, what I
> should do with that subject line. Maybe you just email me direct,
> unless you think it is advantageous for the whole list to know. I also
> hope that this all makes sense to someone.!!!
> Thanks in advance.
> Anne Mirtschin
> Hawkesdale p12 College

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