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> Subject: [Oz-teachers] Importance of assessment techniques in Education
> From: Vikash Hemnath SEEBOO vhseeboo at gmail.com 
> Date: Sat Apr 5 03:13:22 EST 2008 
> Dear everyone .. The word 'assess' comes from the Latin verb 'assidere'
> meaning 'to sit with'. In assessment one is supposed to sit with the
> learner. This implies it is something we do 'with' and 'for' students
> and not 'to' students (Green, 1999)

Thanks, Vikash, for this quote regarding the spirit of student assessment.

Over the years I find my students appreciate being given an opportunity to
write their own reports, and grade themselves. And, they're usually honest.

Of course this is on a purely advisory basis, but towards the end of each 
semester, I simply photocopy a blank report form for each subject I teach,
and ask students to tell me how they think they went, in their own words.

They like this activity. And, after the normal Q&A class work process, the
activity seem to clarify the course and their response remarkably for many
with a sense of closure to the assessment elements of the course for them,
and often produces an important and honest student subject-self-assessment.
At the same time documents are valuable professional development for myself

Thanks once again for the quote, Vikash. I for one certainly enjoy your
erudite, interesting contributions to the Oz-educator community. It sounds
as if you face some very real challenges, with classes of 40 mixed-ability
pupils. One guesses they are very lucky to have such an inspiring teacher.

Cheers people
Stephen Loosley
Member, Victorian
Institute of Teaching

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