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Hi Michael,
The young lad is identified on the Autistic spectrum and it is as much about
self esteem and being able to share his work with other classmates. He sees
himself as an outsider with no friends, so being able to produce work that
others can read is important to him. If you are familiar with a set of cards
called silly sentences he is able to create readable sentences that he can
read back. These use rebus style pictures, and his knowledge of sentence
structure help to put it together, (not always sucessful).
He has a great memory for what he has said and knowledge base of things that
interest him and a great ability to draw but cannot remember words with any
consistency (lots of past phonic work hasn't appeared to help) Identifying
individual letters when copying frustrates him as he doesn't remember the
position, knowledge of the alphabet appears inconsistent.
We are investigating as many options as possible.
Cheers and thanks for the comments

On 2/23/08, Michael <michael at apollotech.com.au> wrote:
>  A speech to text program would require the user to be able to read what
> the program is creating to be able to edit and correct it. I am typing this
> e-mail with Dragon NaturallySpeaking which I find very easy to use and the
> current version does boast it will work without being trained but will get
> more accurate as corrections are made. If the student can not read I do not
> see how a program of this type would be of any use at all. May I ask why he
> needs the speech converted to text? It may be more appropriate to teach him
> a sound editing program like audacity to actually create sound files of what
> he is trying to say and then markers can just listen to it.
> Michael
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>  Hi All,
> We have a special needs student with great oral skills but cannot read or
> write. He has a great memory for pictures but letters and words fail to
> stick. He gets frustrated and angry with himself when asked to write himself
> and tires when asked to copy as he is concentrating so hard on producing
> each letter.
> We have funding to purchase a speech to text program and I am seeking
> advice on what works best for students and teachers. I know of Dragon
> and Microsoft's program (some what difficult to set up for those who can't
> read). So your advice would be appreciated.
> Cheers
> Marty
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