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We had something similar here. Money to fill schools with more technology by
building small distributed small "pods" of computers before we could engage
in discussions what we could do in these small rooms. I was on an AEU
advisory board and had the deepest respect for the facilities manager who
did his best to explain what he as trying to do and what the building
program was trying to achieve.

The bath started rocking when I asked for the research evidence that
underpinned this initiative, citing small case studies that were interesting
but hardly evidence of improved learning outcomes. I suspect that nobody
wanted create a splash by test the depth of the learning pedagogy
underpinning these works in case it would turn off the funding tap.

Given that schools were allowed to spend around 10% of the grant money on
architect fees, I wonder how much on these projects should be spent on
reviews and basic research .. or perhaps even teacher training?

Regards Roland

2009/5/27 Bryn Jones <bryn.jones99 at gmail.com>

> Hi all,
> I like the way schools are being given money to build libraries before
> any discussion of why they want one.
> Policy on the run anyone?
> Bryn
> 2009/5/26 Maureen Sarafian <sarafian at caboolture.net.au>:
> > Our school (primary in SE Queensland) will have a new library built with
> > money from Federal Govt as announced recently.  Apparently while the govt
> > build the shell of the building, we (the staff) were asked today how we
> > would design the internal requirements for a library for the 21
> century. As
> > we were reminded, something that would be there long after (many of us)
> had
> > long gone.
> > I would appreciate your thoughts about what you believe should be
> > included/designed  in a primary school library for the new century.
> > Looking forward for some suggestions.  Maureen
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