[Oz-teachers] Year 9 business venture

Aimee Tang aimeelytang at gmail.com
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I wonder if you may be thinking of "young achievers" where your  
company name has to include the letter combination "ya". It's the  
whole kit and caboodle - business plan, shares....wages (of a kind)  
etc Did it in high school - with close on 20 others from schools  
across Sydney (I was the only one from mine), meeting up at our  
"coaching" company with mentors from their staff. Then set up a stall  
and presented at a YA trade fair at Darling Harbour towards the close  
of the program. Very well worth it if that's what you're looking for.

http://www.yaa.org.au/ Looks like they have a few different programs.  
May have one to suit you. At the time it  was all done apart from  
school, with no teacher involvement, but it might be different now.

Alternatively, they could brainstorm ideas themselves, then do the  
research, constructing and conducting surveys (and still go through  
the whole process anyway!)


On 28/05/2009, at 8:03 AM, Alison Miller wrote:

> there's a young entrepreneurs (school) scheme in NSW but I cant  
> remember it's name
> Alison
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> Hello all
> any ideas for a business venture for year 9 business students.
> thanking you
> kind regards
> Kylie
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