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I'm just heading for the window to say

"I'm not going to take it any more"



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> Chris writes,
>> .. ridiculous and downright deceptively wrong. Makes one angry.
> Speaking of which, spare a thought for the people who feed Australia.
> "(Northern Victoria) farming irrigators are receiving 40 percent of a
> farm water allocation .. for which they MUST pay the full 100  
> percent."
> How can those farms pay, and so, feed us in future? Worse, if  
> possible:
> "Horticulture, viticulture and dairy industries are having difficulty
> surviving (so) after 7 years of struggling with drought many  
> irrigators
> have little choice other than to sell their water to the Government.
> (But..) water users who have sold their water are still being  
> charged an
> Entitlement Storage Fee, for water they do not own, and is certainly  
> not
> being stored for them. In some cases the farmer has not owned water  
> for 2
> years. It seems that farms end up paying 100%, whether they have  
> sold the
> farm water rights or not." www.sharmanstone.com/Pages/Article.aspx?ID=1070
> Think about that, receiving 40%, paying 100% .. even after you've  
> sold it.
> And worse than that (???) the new Vic water pipeline is now sending  
> lots
> of the farm water to Melbourne, for all those suburban gardens and  
> pools.
> And, Telstra?? Those same farmers hve recently had their perfectly  
> good
> mobile CDMA phones, which worked well, everywhere, switched off ..  
> thus
> forced to purchase new 3G mobiles .. expensive to use, and, for  
> example,
> to use, i need to be standing at my front street letterbox. It will  
> work inside my home.. let alone in some field, when a tractor  
> overturns.
> And, this is how some big-business is taking care of ALL we  
> Australians?
> The corporate "greed is good" management theory has a lot to answer  
> for.
> Cheers,
> Stephen
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