[Oz-teachers] US support public release of individual teacher performance data

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"Why not hit the problem where it starts ... University selection
processes for teachers, "
This question crops up regularly in some circles. Any suggestions as to
how the process for selecting pre-service teachers could be improved? 


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	Dear Chris
	Guaranteed some "discussion" on this one ...
	"Overwhelmingly"? "school success"? I'm not so sure Chris ...
not so "absoluteley" sure that even most qualitative research supports
what you suggest  ... the research methodology used in such studies is
open to critical analysis which presents a much "greyer" picture ...
often depends on which side of the road you want to travel ... or how
long you have travelled that road ... and I'm not so sure "school
success" is the major determining factor in a life's "education" ... but
it is a crucial start for academic entry ... "poor" teachers close doors
... "good" teachers open doors ... "great" teachers inspire the opening
of new doors ... 
	By all means lets weed out the "poor teachers" ... we already
know who they are ... don't "we"?  ... but give them some dignity ...
human dignity ... as we do to the students who struggle in our classes
... and the parents who do not turn up to meetings ... 
	The "value" of good teaching is clearly more than simple student
performance ... if it is as you suggest then I have been a "poor"
teacher all my life ...
	This maybe  "old ground" for some of us ... Gradgrind and "Hard
Times" ... little different ... "What we want is tests. Teach these boys
and girls nothing but tests." 
	Yes, there are "poor teachers" in the "system" but it is
compliant administrative apathy, poor management strategies and often
misguided collegial support that keeps them there ... and worse than
that ... a university system that lets "them" in the door .... 
	Maybe "we" think that we can help them improve ... and maybe
"we" just should ... we owe it to our profession to try ... 
	Why not hit the problem where it starts ... University selection
processes for teachers, Teacher Training and Professional Development
... then follow that up with each school's proressional learning culture
and its leadership coterie ...
	You are right ... the job of a teacher is too important to be
done poorly ... but where you draw that evaluation line is important ...
just as much as how you draw the line ... and who draws it ... 


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