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Was just thinking the same thing - I know I already follow some but can
hardly add others if the twitter ID is not there




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I'm reading all these responses and thinking, I didn't know you were on
twitter? But I like your posts here so I would love to follow you on twitter



Here is where it gets interesting, I don't know your twitter ID!



Because of a discussion here about signatures, everyone is now scared to put
their signature on their email. 


Humans are funny creatures ;-)


So I send this email with an extended signature just to break the mould and
suggest just because we no longer know exactly why, doesn't always mean we
should (but also doesn't mean we shouldn't either).




Benjamin Ashley Jones esquire 

Cert III Emergency Man, Cert IV Master PT, Cert IV Workplace Train & Assess,
Bach Commerce, Bach PDHPE, Grad cert ODE & Masters of Health PE

Professional Learning & Curriculum Support, Project Officer

EdTech champion, paddler and lover of life in general

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I am following about 167 and have about 351 followers. I usually only follow
twits that have something interesting to say or post a reply to mine.

I use it to eyeball what others are up to and what I am doing .. probably
only spend 5 min a day on it.  It's microblogging, kind of like the public
notices in the newspaper and I don't browse this every day. Direct posts are
typically e-mailed anyway so I don't need to lurk to read these. 

Has been handy. I mentioned I was going off to teach databases by posting a
Twitter SMS on my mobile during a staff assembly, later an Open SQL Guru who
follows me gave a really cool suggestion about using Ven Diagrams and sets.
Worked a treat. During the bush fires here as the CFA_ALERT kept me posted
about new fire alerts. Some of the stuff posted by Al Gore I retweet,
including some notable eChalk educators that post links on this list :-)

Has also been handy for posting alerts about my blog posts, the
http://www.twitter.com/acec2010 conference and for sharing cross tweets
using the #acec2010 hash tag. (Still one of the best value for money
National Conferences around folks .. call and insist on the early bird

Regards Roland

Disclaimer: I am on the ACEC2010 technical committee and play a clarinet
rather badly.

On 4 March 2010 19:58, Malcom Brown <malcomb at bigblue.net.au> wrote:

Hi all,

I'm wondering ...... what is the average number people that follow you on
And what is the average number of people that follow you. (Sorry, I'm having
a bit of trouble expressing the questions!)

On Twitter, I currently have....


... And I am following 214 

Is that normal, above normal, below?

.... And I have 95 friends on Facebook

Only from those who care..... how does that compare with other education


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