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In relation to the Access journal Annie, you can really claim the magazine as yours this issue with three major articles! Well done – great articles too. I have no idea how you manage to write so much as well as your blog too! Congratulations




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Try a  blog - I here copied some links below that may help from my recent article in Access. 

Edublogs is easy, but has limited storage. Wordpress.com is also free and has more space. However, they don't allow advertising - if you plan to sell space, then blogger/blogspot may be better options. These have lots of space. However, try and link to images - especially if you want to show lots of these - rather than uploading them to your blog to avoid using your storage. Otherwise - there are options to pay if you want more functions and space.Some of these blog platforms can be set up with a password-so only the school community can view them - if you want this.

The links below are about Library sites, but this can just as easily be used for a school site.




"Blogging can be effective for Library websites. Carolyn Foote discusses blogging in: “Looking to Ramp Up Your Library Web Site? Try a Blog” http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/article/CA6712732.html Library sites can be very static if they cannot be easily updated, or if they are not interactive and allow comments. Modern students are accustomed to instant messaging and texting – can students easily contact your Library using communication technologies? Here is a school Library site that is a blog: http://librarymhs.blogspot.com/ An example of a school library blog with a modern approach follows, containing both a primary and secondary blog (click bottom half of the link). https://sites.google.com/a/vmbulldogs.com/van-meter-secondary-library-voice/ 



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Hi All,

Our small school (38 students) would like to have a school website. What Web 
Editor would people suggest?  I don't know enough html to do one from 
scratch but we need something reasonably cheap.    With the introduction of 
the Intranet later this year we only need a fairly simple web page, just 
something for prospective parents to see.  We also have a pretty darn good 
Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden which we love to promote so the web page 
could be a good avenue for that as well.

Thanks for any suggestions you can make.

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