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Fast response! Yes, this is what I seek. Do I understand you saying the
Learning Federation makes up [fictional] sources when they could be
using the real thing?


Based on my 'meta-game' approach I'd flesh out 'the hero's journey'
through the eyes of some characters on opposite ends.  If real
characters are known in these roles (not necessarily the 'big names') we
could get a picture of them & animate it or construct an avatar/actor/
miniature/puppet or whatever to portray them. Set up some brief
vignettes equivalent to our newscasts of today to start the adventure
(Newspaper clippings or "Hear ye, hear ye" for government and whatever
the indigenous equivalent announcement to tribe). These set the scene.


Figure out some puzzles, clues, & things we wanted students to look up
on the Web. Maybe assign them as journalists or spies. The game format
then becomes doling out clues, student teams, exchanging information
etc. It might be possible to make up a quick board game based on an
existing concept like Monopoly. Students might be able to create this.
They could modify an existing game with different terms & labels.


To complete the cycle, students could turn their searches into
presentations or a debate. The debate could use
avatars/actors/miniatures/puppets or whatever and digital media to
speed/enhance production. 


Unfortunately I can't visit a school site to flesh this out, nor am I in
a position to turn the above into a 'product'. The idea is to look at
what's available, see if & why it doesn't engage enough, then use
something like the above to make a quick demo game & try it out with the
simplest methods first - How to Host a Murder Mystery was done with
cassette tape & paper items. I'd start with those and add multimedia as
I later developed it -ie- start with modest web search task & build on


I have whole book-sized materials on these concepts. Trouble is teachers
have very limited time and I have very limited contact. So this is an
attempt to bridge this gap.




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Hi, Tom


You said  < 'here's an area that I'd like to try with a game as it's
otherwise not engaging'. We could then try some ideas out.>


How about Federation (especially integrating real sources)?  It is a
core part of primary History now & will be even more so once the
Australian Curriculum is implemented.  I'd love to see an engaging
learning object based around who Federation advantaged and who was
disadvantaged which has students use real primary sources to inform
their decisions.


I know the Learning Federation try to make this stuff, but they make up
sources!  Why bother when there are real sources and that's what we
should be using students to use.


Are these the type of ideas you were after?




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