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OK. I think I get it (complex). These Learning Objects are what I'd like
to see become a do-it-yourself thing where possible. The idea is that
teachers get a general-game-development concept then apply it to areas
that need to be livened up. It could also be that they embed the
existing developed 'Learning Object' into their meta-game and just
create some d-i-y elements  as 'front-/rear-ends' to make it either more
engaging or spell it out more or supplement it and follow on from it. A
'front end' might be a news announcement ... "Scientists announce that
...". A good 30 second hook usually starts an adventure in a game or in
real life.


I need to find a place to put up my ideas so I can reference them with
quick links, refer to my web pages etc. rather than working from scratch
each time. I need feedback as to where to host these and in what form.
For example, I can put stuff up on EduBlog. At the moment I have things
on our internal TaLe but no easy way to promote interest. I also need a
structure to make it easy for teachers to find, think about and apply it
(assuming they like it). 


At the moment, the sheer volume makes my stuff look disjointed. I'm
trying to simplify the movie-making element with demo's so students
could look at it and say "Hey Miss, we could do better than that ..." or
"Can we try ...?" and the teacher would understand its purpose and that
I'm not trying to make more work for them but, rather, use digital means
to do things quicker. 


So my music and movie demo's are supposed to show what might be done
with the technology, rather than what an individual teacher would do to
apply to their subject. I use familiar Hollywood epic's for
demonstration purposes, not with the intent you'd use those particular
examples -ie- you may not need Ben Hur to illustrate a maths concept.
However, I might use Ben Hur to demonstrate lighting or script or




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Dear Tom

Just to clarify " So I understand you saying the Learning Federation
makes up [fictional] sources when they could be using the real thing?"
from my perspective. (I am declaring that I have a contract with The
Learning Federation to write and edit units of work prepared by other
teachers so they meet a  publication standard.  This contract means I
have a good knowledge of The Learning Federation content which grows
each day.)


The Learning Federation resources are in two key categories - Learning
Objects which are interactive models and scenarios of real-life
situations that would be difficult to replicate in the classroom  and
digital resources which comprise a whole host of formats of actual
things like paintings, photos, cartoons, video clips and so on.  They
are sourced from a wide variety of institutions which The Learning
Federation have forged partnerships with and negotiated copyright
licensing agreements.


When a creator develops a Learning Object, it is often much more useful
to create a brief report or item that hones in on the specific learning
requirement of the activity. Each Learning Object is completely self
contained within a certain number of screens and doesn't incorporate
external links to primary sources. Apart from anything else, online
links have a habit of disappearing. But each item that is created for a
Learning Object is accurate.


The Learning Federation is expanding its repertoire to include full
units of work which do draw on primary sources and use external links to
'real things' but these are quite different to the sort of thing that
you are proposing. 



Barbara Braxton

Teacher Librarian


E.barbara.288 at bigpond.com

Together, we learn from each other


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