[Oz-teachers] movie-making

Paul Shirren shirro at shirro.com
Tue Mar 30 11:22:30 EST 2010

On 30/03/10 10:59 AM, Benjamin, Thomas wrote:
> What 3D animation, morph, vocoding, pitch-to-midi etc.  do they use?

I don't know any details on software. I am not a teacher and I don't
have much to do with the school.

I imagine the focus is on learning the basics. From the middle school
course handbook it looks like the sort of things they cover would be
photographic composition, photo editing, stop motion animation, scripts,
storyboards, video editing etc.

Something like vocoding might be considered more of a novelty I think
and they possibly would not have time to visit it and still get the
fundamentals. I assume they have to align things to the curriculum and
provide some scaffolding for further study that keeps them on the
standard stuff. I have a cheap plastic toy from DSE that does a
respectable Dalek* though if you are interested.

Because you prefaced your initial post with a description of movie
making and its potential it looked to me as though you had assumed movie
making was something new or under-explored in schools. I am just
pointing out that it is quite a commonly provided subject and that there
are already large communities of practice out there. I apologise if I
have misunderstood but it wasn't clear to me from the post what your
angle was.

* Speaking of Daleks...can't wait to see Eleven in action.

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