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Hi Tom

Yes - I agree. I don't think a unilateral and mandated approach, however it is achieved, would either be sustainable legally, or defensible morally. This debate shouldn't be about appropriating anyone's property. Remember that the goal is a fair and cost effective system, and that means fair to everyone.

It would be important to ensure flexibility and choice but fine tune the onus of proof to deal with the uncertain cases and more fairly represent the contemporary world of content exchange (of which commercial publishing is a part).

I still think Stephen's idea has merit - perhaps it could be a case of starting with a domain whose rules can be set or at least influenced by the education sector and using the resulting evidence to strengthen the case for more universal change?

An interesting article here about what happens when players in a market collectively act (what the author calls "hive mind") to choose processes, products and technologies to overcome perceived threats to their business from powerful entities perceived to hold a "master key" to their business:

I wonder (a) if the education community perceives itself as being sufficiently strangled by the current regime to seek alternatives and (b) what alternatives it might choose?



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On 07/12/11 15:03, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:

> ... mandate that any and all material located under any Australian
> '.edu' domain shall be considered available for educational use under
> a CC, or similar, licence. ...

That may be declared invalid by a court, as it would infringe on the property rights of education providers (some of which are for-profit companies), under Section 51(xxxi) of the Constitution:

> Further I would consider that if an Australian .com.au website
> contained advertisments, then free educational use by LINKING to that
> site is fair use. ...

Pay TV providers may object, as they have both advertisements and charge for service. Suggesting that advertisements imply free-to-air would threaten their business model.

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