[Oz-teachers] Merry Christmas to all...

Paul Floyd p.n.floyd at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 15:09:01 EST 2011

Thank you to Margaret and the oz-teacher team.

I look forward to another year of conversations next year. I consider
the oz-teacher list discussions an essential part of my
teacher/non-teacher intellectual life. I may not always comment on
something but I have generally checked out any websites mentioned on
this list. For instance, Ted.com for engaging videos.

Best wishes,

Paul Floyd.


If you don't mind getting up at 4am to look for a comet, do so over
the next couple of mornings. Comet 2011 W3 (Lovejoy) is still visible
in the morning sky (above the South-East horizon). This morning the
tail was reported as being 16 degrees long (32 Full Moons lined up

On Fri, Dec 23, 2011 at 6:18 AM, Margaret Lloyd <mm.lloyd at qut.edu.au> wrote:
> Well, the time has come the walrus said...
> This time, it is time to thank the oz-teachers community for their ongoing commitment to the list and each other. We have had some troubling technical issues in 2011 - starting with floods in January - but seem to have come through them.
> In fact, this message is so late this year because I have had trouble finding a pause in the conversation to send it. I also know that some of you are only now beginning your Christmas holidays with tomorrow being Christmas Eve.
> I would, on behalf of the oz-teachers team (Shaun Nykvist, Nathan Beveridge and me) like to wish you all the best of Christmasses and the happiest of New Years.
> I would also like to thank ACCE (Australian Council for Computers in Education) for their financial support this year - an arrangement we will talk about continuing into 2012.
> We often hear that we are living in times of great change. It is a little alarming to know, that for once, it is really true. It is - on the flip side - comforting to know that, through the list, the great changes coming to teaching and schooling do not have to be faced alone. While I am not convinced about the wisdom of crowds, I am convinced of the power of people to offer multiple perspectives to any issue or situation. From this, sometimes wisdom, or what helps us to make wise choices, emerges.
> I am proud to be part of this community.I hope that I can meet up with more of you through the coming year. Perhaps there can be an oz-teachers catch-up at the ACEC in Perth in October? We had a group photo in 2010 (Melbourne) and it would be nice to do that again.
> Merry Christmas everyone. Have a safe and happy holiday. Take care.
> Fond regards
> Marg Lloyd
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