[Oz-teachers] 3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution? (Adelaide)

Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Sun Feb 5 08:27:47 EST 2012

On 01/02/12 17:14, Paul Floyd wrote:
> My jaw literally dropped when they got to the bit where they mentioned
> that you could print metal objects  ...

Stephen Barrass from University of Canberra gave a spellbinding talk 
about "Physical Sonification Dataforms" at ANU last year. He played us 
metal bells which he had made from waveform data with a 3D printer. What 
amazed me was that rather than flimsy bits of plastic, these were solid 
metal, which looked like it had been cast by an artisan, by hand, a 
hundred years ago: 

On 1/02/12 5:46 PM, Cameron Bell wrote:

> If the 3D printers start printing 3D printers that start printing quadrocopters[1] with guns[2] you won't get far ...

Last week I attended the Pacific 2012 Maritime Defence Conference in 
Sydney, where there are lots of robot aircraft, ships and submarines, 
which look like something out of sci-fi. 3D printing is commonly used 
for the prototype parts: http://blog.tomw.net.au/search/label/Pacific%202012

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